LSM Engineering

Based out of Co. Laois, Ireland, LSM is the definition of ‘small but mighty’. Over the past two decades, a core team of old friends have grown their little baler business that could into an unlikely champion of environmental protection and proactive waste management and recycling, all based on the sale, distribution and service of a range of trash balers that can do everything — except quit.

The team knew their global company deserved branding and communications that reflected their value and commitment, and in 2016 I worked with LSM founders and the team at Maverick Communications to develop just that. The winking yet no-nonsense copy and the strong but simple design express what makes LSM a go-to leader for balers and compactors the world over, and reflect the friendly, straightforward style of the men who have made the company what it is.

View the result at or in the galleries below.

HOMEPAGE: No matter who we spoke to at or about LSM, the refrain did not vary: these machines do not quit. So we started there.

RANGE: It was an accident in the early days of LSM that resulted in their first baler being painted green. The colour became a badge of the quality and reliability LSM balers deliver to customers, and today people in the know see the green machines as ones that won’t stop working when they’re needed. We thought LSM should wear that badge proudly, so we developed a logo they could stamp on everything they sell.

PERFORMANCE: Answering the ‘why’ when it came to LSM products was easy. Their customers range from small corner stores needing to recycle cardboard and soda bottles to naval airships housing multiple thousand soldiers at sea for months at a time. These people need balers that work without fail, and that’s what LSM deliver.

CUSTOM: Just in case they don’t have a baler that suits someone’s needs, the team at LSM offer to create custom solutions to make sure everyone has the opportunity to maximise their waste management.

BECOME A DISTRIBUTOR: LSM want to get their mean green machines in every corner of the globe, so they’re upfront about distribution opportunities too.


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