Modular Automation

When you get to know the team at Modular Automation and properly understand what they do, you’re impressed. Companies all around the world, of all sizes and sectors, come to Modular to solve every kind of automation challenge for one simple reason: they always deliver.

From designing and building a machine that precision-crafts titanium replacement joints — without putting workers’ lives at risk — to creating one that quadrupled production of prescription lenses while minimising waste and, the Modular team have earned their bragging rights.

Only they don’t brag at all. It’s just what they do. And it’s that approach that needed to be captured in their new brand voice.


The message of Modular was clear: they deliver the best in automation solutions, every time.


From custom solutions and build-to-print equipment, to their roots in precision tooling, Modular customers have one team that can do it all.


Developing the list of capabilities and areas of expertise for Modular was a lesson in the precision, effort and time that goes into nearly every product we use in our day-to-day lives.

inside modular

Sometimes customers contract Modular to create a solution for them. Other times, teams from major manufacturers are embedded in the Modular facility for months, working side-by-side to develop a machine. For those instances, it was important to show them inside the facility.


Stating who Modular Automation are was easy: They’re the best in automation.

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