The Payroll Efficiency Index

In April 2019, leading global payroll provider CloudPay published the introductory Global edition of the Payroll Efficiency Index, an industry-first benchmarking report of payroll processing KPIs.

The unique, centralised platform and servicing model pioneered by CloudPay put the payroll leader in the enviable position of being the only global provider to maintain direct control over all the data for all customer payrolls. Built on the premise that traditional SLAs and outcome reports were fine for measuring end results but couldn’t give insight into the actual processing, the PEI report series aims to illuminate the issues commonly encountered in payroll processing and help both providers and practitioners understand what is good and what can be improved in each country.

See the full report here.

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The Payroll Efficiency Index introduced five new process-based KPIs for teams to measure and monitor to improve their understanding of their payroll.

These KPIs are measured at country and customer level, and the anonymised data is compiled and analysed to produce the report. I worked closely with payroll practitioners and subject matter experts at every level to gain a comprehensive understanding of the KPIs and what the numbers mean in each region and country, then translated it all into this easily digestible annual report.

Global PEI reports will be released in Q1 of every year, followed by regional editions for EMEA, APAC and AMER.