Decoded (Trailer)

In November 2020, we launched a live web broadcast series designed to showcase the highly experienced, intelligent and approachable technical and engineering leads at NearForm, called Decoded.

This roundtable technology series explores the various technologies used by the team and goes into specifics of applying these tools to create impactful solutions for clients. We say: This live web series puts technology into context by exploring the real-world applications and day-to-day challenges addressed by modern software.

This kind of series didn’t exist in this space. To call it a ‘tech talk’ didn’t really communicate the idea, and calling it a ‘webinar’ undercut the value of listening to true experts with no script discuss key technology issues in real time.

So over two days in Covid lockdown, with people spread across six countries, we created a trailer video we hoped would help our potential audience understand what we were offering. (Spoiler: It worked.)

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