Plainsight x DoiT

Data can be a goldmine for organizations equipped to analyze it to gain valuable insights that drive competitive advantage. The emphasis has traditionally been on numerical data, but visual data in the form of images and video footage is a rich vein that has been largely untapped until now. Companies generate millions of images and hours of video that could be processed and interpreted for enhanced decision-making. But, with multiple tools and highly specialized skills required to analyze it effectively, most visual data is never used.

That’s where Plainsight comes in. 

Plainsight offers a simple, centralized approach to managing visual data and extracting value from it using an end-to-end, no-code vision AI platform. It offers a single intuitive interface that enables the computer vision pipeline, from data collection and labeling through deployment and insights. It can be deployed easily to public cloud, private cloud, the edge and mobile devices. Plainsight also operationalizes the solution, helping enterprises successfully integrate the model into their businesses.

This video case study features Plainsight CEO Carlos Anchia and two DoiT engineers, identifying how DoiT’s ISV Go-Global program helped the AI platform get onto Google Cloud and AWS Marketplace and enable accelerated growth into new markets.