The Frontend Playbook

Developed as part of a cross-channel content marketing campaign at Nearform, The Frontend Playbook presents an innovative approach to frontend development and engineering that empowers technology teams to deliver scalable, efficient and future-ready software. Equipping organisations for a fluid digital reality means more than just streamlining technology. To get the frontend under control, companies must […]


Decoded (Trailer)

In November 2020, we launched a live web broadcast series designed to showcase the highly experienced, intelligent and approachable technical and engineering leads at NearForm, called Decoded. This roundtable technology series explores the various technologies used by the team and goes into specifics of applying these tools to create impactful solutions for clients. We say: […]


What It Means to Be a Digital-First Organisation

Companies are pushing past failed ideas of digital transformation to understand what being digital-first really means. If the need for organisations to go digital was ever in question, the events of 2020 decisively ended that debate. The effective digital delivery of services and a consistent customer experience to match are table stakes for any business […]